Guide Types of bets

Guide Type Of Bets

Guide Types of bets


1×2 betting, Handicap betting, Asian Handicap betting, Total Match Goals over/ under etc.


How the betting business works:

Before choosing your favorite betting office, let’s try to puzzle out they do their business. For better understanding we’ll compare the equally possible outcome like a toss of a coin. For similar events with 50% to 50% chances, the betting office offers 1.9 to 1.9 odds (e.g., whether a goal will be scored or not and there can be no other outcome). In other words, the gambler who places a $100 bet wins $90. In fact, the bookmaker will accept a $100 bet and then, if the bet triggers, will pay the player a total amount of $190 based on the odds of 1.9. In this case the earnings of the bookmaker will be $10 or 5% of the total money turnover. And you may ask yourself – “Hey, there should be something wrong with these calculations, huh”? Don’t forget the bookmaker also accepts bets with odds of 1.9 for the opposite event and there are players who bet on it. Thus, if the odd ratio is 1.9 and the amount of money accepted for both outcomes is equal, the bookmaker will get his profit any way and no matter what event happens. Moreover, the betting line ratio is constantly changing depending on how much money the players have put at the “A Team scores” or the “A Team doesn’t score” outcome. If the amounts of bets the betting office has accepted for “Score/No score” outcomes are not equal, the betting line ratio will start increasing or lowering from 1.9, depending on the outcome the players bet more/less money. So what do we have here? In order to win money at 1.9 odds the players has to win more than a half (i.e. 53%) of his bets. Therefore, if the bookmaker’s odds are better, let’s say they’re at the level of 1.92-1.92 or 1.95-1.95, the specified percentage, as well as the income of the betting office will be less, which would be surely better for the player. Why not bet on a ratio higher than 1.9, like 2.4, 3.6 or even 35.0? If you feel the power of Michel Nostradamus – go ahead, but don’t forget the simple rule: the higher the betting line ratio, the lower the probability of that sport outcome.

The variety of bet ratio systems:

Bookmakers have 3 different systems of betting line ratios representation:

  • Decimal system: if you bet $100 at odds of 2.35 you get $235;

  • Fractional system: 11/4 – if you bet $4 you get the $11 net gain. In the European system it will look like 11+4=15 at the odds of 15/4=3.756/1 – which equals to 7 in the European system;

  • American system: the most complicated system, but we’ll puzzle it out: – the negative one, “-102”, to win $100, you have to put $102. So the ratio will be about 1.98 if compared to our system; – the positive one, “+104” – put a hundred bucks and you will get a chance to win $104. So the ratio will be about 2.04 if compared to decimal system.

Some bookmakers’ website (such as Bet365 or 888bet) menus allow customizing the betting line ratios representation.

Types of bets:

«1×2»: the most comprehensible and clear betting option — you choose which side wins or draws.

«Double Chance»: increased reinsurance bets. 1X – the first team will not lose, 1/2 – someone wins (no draw), X2 – the second team will not lose: i.e. betting 1Х and 2Х will double your chances of winning by at least getting your team not to lose, and even if it draws – you still win the bet.

«Half Time Result/Full Time Result»: Probability odds in half time and final time result of the game. We have to predict the outcome odds of the game – whether the favourite team wins at first half time, how the first half time ends etc. If you guess the time outcome in any match you’re guaranteed to get a nice gain. The ratio here is much higher than if you just guess the winner.

«Match Goals (Over/Under)»: The most popular betting that suggest predicting on the number of goals in a match and sometimes, total/match goal” refers to the number of rounds in boxing and so on.

For example, if the score is 2-1, than the “total/match goal” equals to 3. If you place a bet on «Over 2.5 goals», it means that if the score is more than two goals, you win the bet. Therefore if the score is 2-0, 1-1 or any other score less than 3, the bet is lost.

«Final Score»: This bet suggests predicting the exact score of the match, for example 1-0, 2-2, 3-1 and so on. Such ratios are very high in betting offices.

«Handicap»: This bet is created for balancing the chances of both sides. We all know that in a real match Barcelona soccer team can easily win over San Marino. The ratio of Barcelona victory at betting offices will be 1.01, clearly you’re risking to lose the entire bet for «a penny» if it works against you. Instead, the Asian handicap delivers two betting options that have equal chance to success for both team, for example 3.5 goals. The equal chance for winning of course satisfies both Barcelona and San Marino fans (if any:)), who will be sure that Barcelona wins the match with 4 or more goals, while the fans of San Marino hope for less goals. If the betting offices offer the integer handicap, for example 3.0 handicap for the first team, if the score is 3-0, 4-1 etc., the bets will be refunded.

Asian Handicap

And now let’s dwell on the Asian handicap bet. The Asian handicap betting becomes more popular among the players nowadays as it is a great way to minimise the risk because if you «buy» the +1.5 handicap for the underdog and the score goes on draw, you still can top-up your budget.

A few years ago, Asian handicap betting was unknown in Europe, while it has long existed in Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. This is because betting wasn’t permitted in those countries.

In the current situation such handicap betting turns out to be so opportune. It gives both teams equal chances to win and encourages the non-savvy players to bet.

Three advantages of handicap betting:

1. You can choose between the 2 outcomes, so the risk is 50%-50%, you avoid the draw.

2. Less ratio reduction. Usually, the Asian handicap ratio is about 2:0.

3. The Asian handicap is a reliable protection for the players. For example, if the handicap is –0.25 and the final result is draw, you still get half of the bet.

Multiple bet and system

Multiple bet suggests predicting several outcomes in a row, and the ratios are multiplied allowing you to win big money even with a small bet. This fact attracts a lot of players to bet. Experts have been surveying the players and found that 95% of them have at least once bet system or multiple bet. In multiple betting, even if one of the outcomes doesn’t trigger, you still have the chance not to lose all your money. Experts came up with an idea of the «system» — the combination of several multiple bets. System betting allows mistakes and even if some of the bets do not trigger, you may get your money back.

With system and multiple bets the bookmakers really increase their money and reduce the expectations of the players. The system win probability is 1 to 600 and even 1 to 1650. Usually, players with lack of knowledge about money management bet multiple bets or system, placing their bets on crazy odds ratios, expecting to win more. In fact they’re just income tools for the bookmakers.

Our suggestion: making single bets is better.

In-Live betting

Live Betting is a bet made during the match. More than 80% of players enjoy this kind of betting, as there are a lot of people who find it is easier to predict the result while on scene.

The reason why this betting type is risky:

Experienced players simply cannot avoid this kind of betting as it earns them lots of money, but for the newcomers, live betting is too risky. The reason is, during the live match, players have to compete only with the bookmaker, who leads the match and posts the ratios live. The bookmaker is pressed for time, but it is his job to be a professional and fresh players usually pay for even the smallest mistakes. All the ratio numbers constantly change during the match, and it is necessary to get the latest information and be aware of everything that’s going on during the match.

If in a soccer match, the favourite team has 1.60-1.65 odds, in 30-40 minutes after the beginning of the match, given the score is zero, you can jump dramatically for more promising wins. And if the favourite team is losing the match, the rate should be 1.5-2 higher than the initial rate. In a word, this type of betting type is not for the faint-hearted.

Some true and false facts about Live betting

So, in this article, we will dwell on the most popular betting type recently – the sports betting during the match, or Live betting. This is a great opportunity for a player to place a live bet for their favourite team while the mercury is rising.

Today, it is hard to imagine how the bookmakers could survive without live betting. The younger generation of players of course associates lives with the live broadcasts of the game right on the bookmakers website, but a few years back, it seemed to be quite impossible, and people watched sport events either on the screen of their television at home or at the bookmakers.

Betting live during the course of the match is the riskiest type of betting. It is risky both for the players and for the bookmakers. The chances of maintaining a positive balance for a player seems to be lower for the long distance lives rather than the normal bets due to many factors, including the fact that a decision must be taken in a very limited time without even analyzing carefully all the potential obstacles that might affect the winning possibility, as well as the human factors and emotions able to interfere with clear calculations.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained?

The bookmakers usually offer much shorter live betting lines if compared to the standard ones. It usually consists of about 6 – 10 bets, which change constantly during the match. Hence, the live bets online are usually assisted by a special person who is responsible for changing the ratios constantly and has the right to stop the betting as well. The betting offices are at a serious risk to lose big money in case if this person turns out to incompetent or makes unprofessional decisions. Therefore, live bets are accepted for a very limited number of events, as they require technical equipment and specially trained personnel. However, the bookmakers accept bets with a time lag (about 7-10 seconds) to minimise the risk of losing over the sharp players who take chances on the already-win score.

Betting experts advise the players to bet live through trusted company like bet365 online bookmaker, because many sportsbooks often misinform players about the event and there is are no live broadcastings on their websites either. Besides, in any case it is useful to pay attention to a couple of current event information sources when analyzing the situation, because none of the bookmakers is responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of the information until the event ends.

Live betting is not as black as it’s painted

Some consider Live betting to be the easiest way to lose all their money. Of course, this is not true. The concept of live betting (described above) brings a number of players to a so called «Tilt», which is the situation when players lose self-control and are unable to analyse their further bets, and are focused on winning back the money they’ve lost. This is how fresh players, who still have a lack of experience and skills in live betting, usually behave. A classic example that leads the players to a «Tilt» is live betting on a tennis match. Expecting to win some «certain» money or trying to get back at least what’s lost, a player starts to bet on separate matches, which takes the player from one very stressful situation to another. In the end, emotions seem to take over and make the situation even worse as the person is unable to analyze the situation properly, which makes things even worse.

In the meantime, professional players, with experience in various sports and styles of live betting, really dig the «gold». The unpredictable live betting, especially single event betting during a match or a race, gives more possibilities to win the «improbable» result, which can surely lead to a huge gain in case of an attractive ratio.

Therefore, live betting is for the experienced bettors and not for the newcomers. The ability to perform quick analysis, cold-blooded calculations and clear mind are the main requirements for making this kind of bet. It is also obvious that LIVE betting is the most thrilling and exciting betting style.

What kind of sports is better for betting LIVE?

Actually, there is no single answer for this question. Each player has his own sports passions, be it soccer, hockey, tennis or NBA. Don’t try to cover this many types of sport at once. Start learning a specific sport that attracts you the most.

Selecting a bookmaker: look for the bookmakers that will quickly accept your bet and have a lot of “Live” events. Bwin meis one of such betting offices.

How to place a bet: live betting requires clear and rational mind to make the right decisions. Build clear strategy to win the bets. Bet with a well-defined amount of money.

Never, try not to bet more money, even if you have a strong confidence that you totally know the result. Sometimes the goals are scored in the last minutes of the match and tennis players, losing with 1-3 in the set, suddenly rise up and win. Do not bet with ratios of 1.01-1.25. Always watch the online live broadcasting. This way you can have more chances to gain over the inattentive bookmakers, after all they are humans too.

Don’t be too naive: «Barcelona is a superior football club and it just cannot be defeated by any of the outsiders». But it is! And it happens most unexpectedly. In tennis, the most regular players mistake is that if the favourite player won the first set and you bet on him winning the entire game, you will simply lose just like that. And those funny things may happen to each kind of sport: in basketball they make 3-point shootouts right within the last seconds…


  1. Take time to analyze the event way before it begins.

  2. Use independent source of the statistic information.

  3. Follow you’re the pre-determined strategy.
  4. Do not ever pay for any sport prediction, picks or fixed game results, this might well be a scam!



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